Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity

Code of Conduct

The behavioral standards upheld by our school are based on Christian teachings, values, and ethics.  Students are expected to abide by all school rules and regulations agreed to in the CMIS Student Code of Conduct.

CMIS Student Code of Conduct

As a school, we are committed to nurturing academic integrity, self-esteem and mutual respect; therefore, we look to our students, and indeed to all members of our community, to demonstrate positive attitudes and respectful behavior: 

  1. I will always be truthful and keep my academic integrity by not using any other person's work as if it is mine. If I use someone else's ideas I will give them credit using proper citation as set by the Modern Language Association (MLA).
  2. I will always respect my personal property, the property of the school, and others by never writing, purposely destroying, or using property in an improper, negligent, or dangerous manner.
  3. I will always respect the environment of the school by being mindful of the volume of my voice, the language I use, and always leaving the area I used better than when I came.
  4. I will always respect other individuals by treating them with respect, never causing intentional harm either physically, emotionally or otherwise. If I see a CMIS student in distress I will inform a counselor, a principal, the superintendent, or the nurse.
  5. I will always be mindful of my technology use; refraining from using off task electronic devices during instructional time, and remembering to interact respectfully with others in the virtual realm.
  6. I will always respect the safety of others by behaving in a manner that will not cause injury to myself or others.
  7. I will always respect myself by making healthy decisions regarding food, drugs, alcohol, and relationships : CMIS is a drug, tobacco, and alcohol free campus. It is a safe place where friendships demonstrate mutual respect and are non-sexual.
  8. CMIS is an environment of respectful privacy where the videotaping of students or teachers is not permissible, nor is the internet posting of video or photographic material without prior permission from administration. 

Our students are encouraged to act in a respectful manner to every community member at all times. As a school, we are committed to nurturing self-esteem and mutual respect; therefore, we look to our students, and indeed to all members of our community to demonstrate positive attitudes and respectful behavior.

Middle/High school students who demonstrate unsatisfactory academic or behavioral performance may be placed on probation.  The aim of probation is to remind students of our expectations, and to assist them in focusing their abilities towards being more successful at meeting them.  Failure to meet agreed upon levels of academic or behavioral improvement may place the probationary student’s enrollment in jeopardy.  

  • Academic Probation - Any student receiving a GPA of less than 1.7 on a semester report card and/or who fails two or more courses in a semester will be placed on Academic Probation.  A student on Academic Probation has one (1) semester to raise the GPA to above 1.7 and/or raise the failing grades above the passing level.  If the student is not able to do this during the allotted time, they will be subject to dismissal from the school.
  • Behavioral Probation - A student may be placed on Behavioral Probation by the administration in the event of a serious disciplinary incident, or as a result of repeated behavioral infractions. Discipline Policy 

To promote responsible behavior students are not allowed to bring outside toys to campus. This includes drones, toy or real weapons (Unless asked by a teacher for learning purposes). Costume masks or apparel that covers the face can not be worn during the school day. Personal animals are not permitted on campus, unless for educational purposes. 

We believe a healthy educational environment is a drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free environment, so our philosophy centers on prevention and education with regard to the use of all of these dangerous substances.  Further, we believe the majority of our students choose not to use these substances, and we strive to reinforce those positive decisions whenever and wherever possible. The policy is also in place to assist parents and guardians in providing guidance and treatment for students who are involved in illegal drug use.  The Board has authorized the school to administer drug testing where reasonable doubt exists.

Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity