Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity


Working at CMIS

With an emphasis on providing academic excellence, in a caring community, Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) students grow to be confident, articulate learners as well as caring, globally minded individuals.  This commitment has resulted in CMIS being known to many as the best international school in Chiang Mai. This well-deserved reputation is evident in our inspiring students that continue to excel in many areas including the arts, athletics, academics, service learning, and leadership.

CMIS is a vibrant, and collaborative learning environment with wonderful, diverse students.  In addition to CMIS being a positive workplace, the benefits of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest city and a regional travel hub, include a low cost of living in a city rich in culture and history.  Chiang Mai has the modern conveniences of Bangkok with less crowding and traffic, and easy access to nearby countries, such as Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Singapore.

Thank you for your interest in working at Chiang Mai International School  In addition to hiring outstanding educators, CMIS is committed to student safeguarding.  All applicants are required to provide accurate and detailed information about their employment history, including any aspects of their past or profile that could affect the reputation of CMIS or the wellbeing of our community.  CMIS requires current references and background checks on all successful candidates.


Application Procedures for Non-Thai Staff

Application Packet

  • Completed CMIS application - Online Application Form (for foreign staff)
  • A letter of interest
  • A current resume or CV
  • Copy of passport

In addition to the application packet (described above), the hiring process will require:

  • Copy of ALL diploma(s) indicated in the application
  • Copy of ALL transcript(s) indicated in the application (In case diploma or transcript is not in English, translation by registered translator is needed)
  • Copy of teaching license/certification
  • Criminal Clearance/Police Background Check
  • TOEIC test result (except teacher from UK, USA, CAN, AUS and NZL)
  • An In-Person or online interview (if applying from outside of Chiang Mai)
  • Letters of reference (two supervisory, and one personal)
  • A recent certificate of Criminal background check, and
  • Verification of original documents

Applications will be accepted until each position is filled.  Please submit applications electronically and direct any questions to <>

Application Procedures for Thai Staff

 Step 1 

Submit the application and supporting documents in person to the Human Resources Department, Chiang Mai International School, by post, or by email attachment sent to: <>

Documents required:
  • Completed CMIS application - Online Application Form (for Thai staff)
  • Resume or CV
  • Photo
  • Copy of Thai ID card
  • Copy of house registration
  • Copy of degree(s) and transcript(s)
  • Letter(s) of reference (up to three)
  • English proficiency test results (if any)
  • Copy of military exemption document (male)

Step 2

The applicant will be notified when the application has been received.  If the applicant’s qualifications meet the CMIS requirements, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Step 3

If the applicant is accepted, CMIS will send a letter of offer to you.  Once agreed, the following additional documents need to be submitted:

  • Criminal background check (conducted within the last 3 months)
  • Complete CMIS Health Form
  • English proficiency test results
  • Physical examination at a school-designated hospital
  • Copy of marriage license and child(ren)’s birth certificate (if applicable)

Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity