Student Success

Student Success

CMIS Student Success Department (SSD):

Our Student Success Department (SSD) works cooperatively with teachers,parents, and school administrators on issues affecting students’ ability to succeed personally, socially, and academically at CMIS and beyond. The school provides learning support to help students with diagnosed mild to moderate learning needs. Support services are not intended to provide an alternative course of study, but to help students who are struggling academically more fully participate in general education classes. Classroom teachers and Learning Support Specialists work together closely to meet student needs, which may include tutoring, explicit skills instruction, assistance with study habits and organization, and other needs identified in an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Learning support is provided through direct support in class, in small groups, and through one-to-one teaching. There are no additional costs for learning support services, although the number of students requiring support is limited.

CMIS also provides English language development, as needed. All of our English Language Learners (ELL students) are identified through standardized assessments and are integrated into a regular age/grade appropriate classroom where they receive focused skills instruction, in class, from the beginning. Students identified as needing additional English language development are charged a one-time ELL fee. The number of students requiring ELL development at any given grade level is also limited.

CMIS recognizes the importance of supporting student’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Our support team consists of Learning Support Specialists, guidance counselors (Primary, Middle School, and High School), a health officer, school nurses, volunteer coaches, and a spiritual advisor. This team works alongside teachers and administrators to assist and encourage students in reaching their full academic and personal potential.

At CMIS, we are a committed to providing educational excellence, and our team respects and celebrates our students’ diversity

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