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WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS – September 17, 2021

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Here is a link to our schedule and After School Activities (ASA) webpage. Have a look and see what ASAs you are interested in as signups will begin at 5:30pm on Friday 17th September. For more information please check your email.
CMIS ASA Program Schedule 2021-2022 
CMS ASA Webpage & Registration 2021-2022


In this sketchbook assignment, students in Drawing & Painting class use modified contour drawing methods to guide their observational skills. These sketch exercises help CMIS students develop their observational subject focus and improve their objective drawing skills while drawing from life.
- Mr. Will
SST (Student Success Team) would like to share helpful tips for students while online learning.
Tip #3: The Wild Cat Yawn:
At least once a day have a massive yawn! Imagine you're the laziest ever cat. Open your mouth as wide as you can. Breathe in a lungful of air. Relax. Fall back into your chair. Allow your mind to drift. Why? Yawning increases oxygen into the blood and moves carbon dioxide out of the blood.
- SST Team
Students putting their puzzles, confusions and wonderings into questions to pose to the teacher is an important part of classroom learning. But asking questions can be a challenge in the remote classroom. In our High School Chemistry class, we've been using a Google doc "Question board" where students can post questions about class content. Click the link to take a look at the thoughtful and stimulating questions students ask as they think about the structure of atoms: Chemistry questions
- Dr. Graeme
Health alert
The rainy season increases the risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses such as Dengue Fever. The current humidity level also increases the growth of yeast and fungus.
Here are some guidelines on how to prevent yourself from receiving mosquito bites.
Keep dry to prevent skin from fungal infections and yeast infections. You can also try specified detergents designed for the rainy season (additional anti-mold agents added) or visit one of the many washer & dryer machine shops.
- Health Office
In 4A we have been reading a book called 'The Circulatory Story' which uses lots of figurative language to help children understand how our body's circulatory system works. The class collected evidence of figurative language from the text and explained how that helps them understand what is being talked about. They then created a booklet in Google Slides. We have also started a Passion Project where students choose a topic that interests them and then make their own website to educate others. Students brainstormed, put their ideas into a Padlet and are now learning how to create their own website!
- Mr. Scott
Today we learned how to make patterns using colors.
- Ms. Denise
We have Show and Tell every Friday in First Grade. MLP always allows for incredible creativity, and this week one of our students showed 1A how to cook an omelette!
- Mr. Carl
Over 90 members of our community joined the Coffee Morning today. We are grateful for these opportunities to dialogue as a school community.
In Grade 3B, students have been reading the fiction book "Amos and Boris," a story about a mouse and elephant who become friends and help each other in unfortunate circumstances. Grade 3B worked in breakout rooms to identify a central message of the story and find supporting details in the text. They then shared their central messages on a Google Jamboard.
- Ms. Hayes


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity