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  • Friday, October 29
    • Gr11 College Presentation (3 pm)
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We want to encourage families to keep reading and to remember that books can be checked out from the school library even during this time on online learning! What book are you reading right now?
I put aside my weighty cares and leave my wearisome toils for a while. I abandon myself to you, O God, and rest for a little in you.
I enter the inner chamber of my soul, and seek only God and the things that can help me in my quest for you.
Come then, Lord my God, teach my heart where and how to look for you, where and how to find you. Amen.
St. Anselm
During Senior Seminar, Grade 12 students participated in "Mock Interviews" for either college admissions or a job in order to better prepare them for this upcoming, important life skill. Overall, they did an excellent job in their interviews and are now more ready for the real thing when the time comes.
- Mr. Rob Johnson
On Monday, families were able to pick up materials students will use over the next two weeks of online learning. If you were unable to pick up the materials, please come by campus and you can still collect supplies that have been carefully prepared by teachers. Happy learning Eagles!
Last Friday Mr. Doug and Mr. Rob presented on College Applications to G12 students and parents. They were joined by our new HS English teacher Mr. Sawyer who will be assisting with college essays. This Friday they will be presenting to G11 and next semester G9 and G10.
- Mr. Doug
The Preschool students have been studying insects for the month of October. They learned about the parts of an insect, how and why they are so different, and the insects in our community. At the end of the month, PreK A went on an insect safari around the campus after reading Bug Safari. They found lots of ants and drew pictures of what they observed.
- Ms. Psaira
Student Council ran their first Friday Noon Activity of the semester encouraging students in middle and high school to get involved in a game that was called Flour Tower! The rules are simple, a tower of any fashion is formed with flour and each participant takes a turn using a tool (spoon, pen etc) to carve a chunk of floor away without causing the tower to completely collapse (a bit like jenga). Let's hope that we get back to campus soon so that more FNAs get up and running!
- Coach Paul
Grade 5 has been working on creating models of things that they cannot see directly; in this instance a closed black box. Using the process of creating models, students have created models that they think best represents what they think a black box looks like inside. They observed, drew a model, collaborated, analyzed, revised, and came to a consensus. Students realized that this is what scientists do with ideas that cannot be directly observed. They also realized that we may never know for sure if we are correct, but as we gain new information, we revise our models and make them better.
- Mrs. Ridgley


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity