Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity


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One of the aspects of CMIS that makes it such a wonderful community is the vision of a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity. As we look to celebrate the richness that diversity brings to the learning community, CMIS will be celebrating Autism Awareness day on Friday, April 1. AU is recognized by multiple symbols; puzzle pieces, rainbows, and the color blue. We are hoping that every member of our community will wear blue next Friday.
Here are some really great examples of tone and shading work from G4 and G5 art students this past week. They should all be really proud of their drawings, their patience, and their focus.
- Ms. Emily
Grade 2 decided to make the most of the great weather and low pollution (yellow day) by taking their writing work outside. Students have been working on comparing different versions of the same story in class during their ELA unit. Outside students worked on creating a paragraph using their evidence organiser that compared two versions of the American Legend 'John Henry'.
- Mr. Jonas
Students from French 2 were able to practice French language in a real situation for the first time. They interviewed the director and employees of Alliance Française and two French people. They did an awesome job! Bravo les French 2!
- Madame Gaëlle
With the end of the year quickly approaching, grade 5 students are beginning to think about their upcoming transition to middle school. To help them with this big change, grade 7 students used a variety of texts and the essential question "How do people overcome obstacles?" to write advice columns to a fictitious, struggling, grade 6 student. Some of their advice to that student can be found below and will hopefully help our new middle schoolers find success next year.
- Mr. Cameron
What is all of that noise coming from the Science building??? Maybe it is all the excitement as students across the middle and high schools check their March Mammal Madness brackets when updates arrive! They can read the PDFs of the Battle Descriptions, watch the YouTube videos with MC Marmott narrating, or they can just talk with their friends and teachers about who won--and more importantly, HOW they won!!! The buzz is real and the students are excited for the upcoming 2 weeks of updates and battles to see who the CMIS Champions will be. Thanks to Mr. Nick for also making a Grade 8 Art project where students created some of the battles in realistic pictures. Who will be this year's MMM champion??? Who will take home the CMIS Champion Trophy and the grade level trophies and medals??? More soon ...
- Dr. Troy and Mr. Melby, MS & HS Science


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity