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  • Thursday, August 11
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  • Friday, August 12
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Welcome back to school! We are so happy to be back on campus today and excited for this new year with new possibilities. Let's Go EAGLES!
Dear CMIS Students & Parents:

We are back and excited to get all our athletic programs up and running again this year!  After what I hope was a fun filled and relaxing summer for all of you, we would love to see you get involved in multiple athletic programs this year.  With 10 schools now in our Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC), we plan to have plenty of games, tournaments and friendlies mixed into your after school life here at CMIS. Make sure you with your parents/guardians register now so you are ready to go when practices begin as early as the week beginning August 8!
**Please note that if your family has more than one student-athlete, each participant will need to submit an online form**Click Here to Register Today
Do you want to be an EAGLE and participate in one or more of the 8 sports programs offered at CMIS?

A Couple of Things:
* Season 1 is likely to run as normal (pre COVID). We will have a full range of games, meets and competitions
* Our Swim Teams will be moved back to their original spot in Season 1
* Once the athletic directors have met in mid August, there will be more information on our Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) stance for spectators, COVID testing and more related to this academic year.  Please note each CMAC school may have their own expectations for anyone entering their campus.

Registration Updates:
- Updated Parental Consent Form
- Parental consent for Middle and High School students to leave school on their own accord after practice
- Strength & Conditioning is now available to all MS & HS students

More Information can be found at:
CMIS Student Life Website
Chiang Mai Athletic Conference Website (CMAC)

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact or
Dear CMIS Community,

Here we are beginning another exciting school year at CMIS. Your teachers have been working hard to prepare for not only your arrival this week, but what After School Activities (ASAs) they want to offer and athletic programs they would like to coach in.  We are in the final stages of prepping your ASAs so as everything is ready for signups this coming Monday 8, August @ 5:30PM
Please take some time between now and Monday afternoon to inform yourself about what we offer here at CMIS for After School Activities and how you can best get involved! 

1 - What are ASAs?
* The CMIS After School Activities (ASA) program recognizes extra-curricular opportunities as a way to stimulate intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth.  
* ASAs have different grade levels offered ranging from PreK-12 and are considered an extension of the learning experience here at CMIS.
* A chance to help students cultivate essential life skills and/or pursue passions along with new experiences and friends.

2 - What is new with COVID expectations?
- Further updates will be sent out once available
* Weekdays from 2:45 - 3:45pm (unless stated otherwise by club advisor)
* Be on time and stay with the adviser until parents pick at the front of school
* Wear a mask indoors at all times unless eating or drinking, outdoors masks are optional
* All materials must be sprayed and sanitized at the end of EACH session
* Wash hands before and after all club sessions
* Continue to practice social distancing at all times

3 - Have a look at what we are offering so far!
Here is the ASA Program Schedule ***subject to change so please check again before registration
Have a look through our ASA and Registration Webpage on what is offered for each category and grade level.

4 - When is the sign up window?
Monday 8, August @ 5:30pm and runs till Friday 12, August @ 10:30pm.

5 - How much is each club?
* This year all clubs are FREE unless stated otherwise or run by an external organization.
* Clubs are based on a first come first served basis as we have limited spots in each.  That being said, we will do our best to accommodate each of you as there are plenty of options not only with ASAs but with Athletes too.
* Each club has a maximum capacity so please check your confirmation email after registering to confirm involvement.         

6 - How do I register my child?
* A google form will be sent out once the sign up window opens and you can use the link provided below or on our webpage
* Students should fill out this form with their parents
* Please note that if your family has more than one student, a separate form will need to be submitted for each participant

Club advisers will be sending out more information once each club has been approved .
If you have any immediate questions please let Paul McGowan know at


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity