Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity


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  • Monday, April 29 
    • MAP Testing: Reading
  • Tuesday, April 30
    • MAP Testing: Language Usage
  • Wednesday, May 1
    • MAP Testing: Mathematics
  • Thursday, May 2 
    • Parent Workshop: Christian Parenting @ CMIS Auditorium - 8AM
    • MAP Make-Up: Secondary - 11AM
    • MAP Make-Up: Elementary - 12PM
    • MAP Make-Up: Secondary - 1PM
  • Friday, May 3
    • MAP Make-Up: All
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CMIS features photos and videos in our CMIS Gallery and on our CMIS Social Media Platforms.  Below are some recent highlights.

Pets can be vital parts of our families, and they can help kids learn life skills and increase their emotional intelligence. Last Friday, PreK4 had a special guest, Dr. Am from Meechock Veterinary Clinic and Mr. Ham, the Corgi to help us learn how to take care of the animals and their needs. 

This gave us great opportunities to teach kids fun facts about animals and helps them to learn to be respectful and responsible for the health and happiness of the animal :)

-Ms. Denise and Ms. Jip


Victory alert! Our CMIS Boys U20 Volleyball team dominates the court and clinches the championship title at the CMAC Tournament! Cheers to their outstanding performance, teamwork, and relentless spirit. Congratulations, champions!


Silver shine for our CMIS Girls U20 Volleyball team at the CMAC Tournament! They battled fiercely and secured an impressive 2nd place. Cheers to their resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship on the court!


Proud of our CMIS Girls U16 Volleyball team for their incredible performance at the CMAC Tournament! Cheers to their determination and sportsmanship!


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity