Enrollment Policies

Open Enrollment:  CMIS accepts applications for Elementary School (Pre-School through Grade 5) throughout the year as long as we have space available.  All applicants must pass their required birth date by the start of school in August to be considered for that year’s enrollment. This standard remains the same for those who wish to join in the second semester.

Closed Semester Enrollment:  CMIS has a closed semester policy for Grades 6 to 12.  The intake of new students in these grades occurs only twice a year, at the beginning of the Fall August Semester and the Spring January Semester  We will begin accepting applications for the Spring January Semester in October of the current year.

Exceptions:  In some cases, mid-semester High School applicants may be enrolled in an auditing status for the remainder of the current semester and then allowed to take courses for credit at the beginning of the next semester.