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  • Season 3 of CMIS Athletics will begin soon! Programs Basketball (ages 14-19 or grades 9-12) Football (ages 10-13 or grades 5-8) Track & Field (ages 6-19 or grades 1-12) Registration If you have not already received an email from the Activities/Athletic Director with season information, then... [read more]
  • On November 7th, CMIS held a grand event for for the school community to celebrate its 60th Anniversary. We were joined by three of our early Student Alumnae: Ms. Pamela Bradburn, who started in the second grade at the school on the first day of classes in 1954 and graduated from the school in... [read more]
  • It is with great pleasure I invite you to the Secondary Instrumental Music concert.  It will be a great evening with music from our fine young musicians.   We will hear about an hour (total) of music from the Grade 7 Band, the Grade 8 Band, the High School Band and the After School Jazz Band.... [read more]
  • Trees shading the opening of the CMIS School Store Jan. 20, 2014 On the night of Thursday, October 23, there was a great storm here in Chiang Mai. There were severe winds that caused considerable damage around the town. Sadly, some of the damage was to the huge tree by the stone tables and another... [read more]