Hanni Oppel

Hanni Oppel - MS Math Teacher/MS Lead Teacher


Middle School Math Teacher




British Columbia, Canada


Bachelor of English (and Psychology), Trinity Western University, Canada
Bachelor of Education, Trinity Western University, Canada

Places I have lived:

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Lopburi, Thailand
Nakon Sawan, Thailand
Alberta, Canada


I first came to CMIS as a 7th­grader. It was initially challenging to make friends and find my feet; but, as connections were built, I discovered that the CMIS community is a special one. I ended up spending 5 years at the school as a student and then returned as a teacher in 2002. Why? The same community that drew me in as a student, continues to appeal to me as an adult. I appreciate the warmth of "family" that we can build together as we seek to support and challenge one another for learning.