Performing Arts Department

performing arts


Our music classes focus on developing students that have the ability to carry out the three artistic processes of: creating, performing, and responding.

Band concert

To thrive as global citizens our students are required to respect each other's individuality and culture in a collaborative environment for a unified goal. The curriculum is aligned to the National Core Standards for Arts in Music and is designed to reflect the actual process in which all musicians, professional, amateaur and students engage.

The music instruction is characterized by students synthesizing, and relating knowledge and personal experience to make music. 


Our art classes encourage learners that to apply practical and theoretical knowledge about a broad range of visual activity, both past and present. To serve as global citizens our students are encouraged to be critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers. Our art students practice "big picture" and "out of the box" thinking. Their creativity makes them innovators - independent thinkers with the motivation to develop new solutions to old problems, and who view challenges as opportunities for personal and collective growth.

Art class

The curriculum is aligned to the National Core Art Standards for Art and is composed of courses in drawing, painting, print media, sculpture, and electronic art; students are also encouraged to pursue interests in many other contemporary media and technologies.

Our instruction is characterized by students digging deeper, and moving beyond superficial interpretation. They learn to recognize their own biases and to make sound conclusions based on carefully gathered evidence. As critical thinkers they are able to process very abstract ideas, and can examine issues from many different perspectives. 


Theater Arts provides the opportunity for students in Grades 7-12 to experience a lifelong relationship with theatrical expression in various forms.

Theater Art

The curriculum is aligned to the next generational standards and encompasses appreciation and demonstration of technical theater craft, acting and critical thinking with the study of theater history, dramatic literature, critique writing and the development of interpersonal, interpretive and emotional skills. In order to thrive as global citizens, our students must be able to write effectively, collaborate with peers to revise, refine, and adapt ideas to fit the given parameters of a drama or theater work. Students must also participate in a variety of writing and acting exercises and techniques which can be applied in a rehearsal, drama or other forms of theatrical performance.

Theater Arts instruction at Chiang Mai International School is characterized by the positive outcomes we achieve and the high level of performance that we strive for. The program is also characterized by its appreciation for diverse points of view, while establishing strong human bonds which transcend racial and ethnic barriers. With positive student interaction and a sequentially developed program, we present a broad cultural perspective, providing unique opportunities for cross-curricular connections.