Math Department


The Math Department encourages students to be mathematical thinkers who invest attention to accurately, and creatively, use reasoning and apply skills to solve problems and make decisions about their world. Furthermore, we are committed to finding and highlighting natural connections between subjects—integrating math content with curriculum from other classes to emphasize the utility and relevance of mathematical understanding.

To thrive as global citizens our students need to be able to view math as an essential universal language, necessary as a reasoning tool to solve problems and make sense of our world. Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and is designed to build on and reflect the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed in college, career, and life. 

CMIS math instruction is characterized by hands-on learning, where students are asked to respond to classroom explorations using writing, models, and traditional mathematical notation. Through interactive learning opportunities and an emphasis on social development of understanding, it is intended that students will grow to appreciate math and be personally motivated to develop skill in both computation and application.