English Language Arts Department

The English Language Arts Department encourages students to become learners who can explore, acquire, use and manipulate both language and knowledge.  With these key tools our learners construct meaning in many subject areas, incorporating practical application and analysis to explore creative possibilities.

Student develop their global mindedness by applying the skills of reading, writing, analysis, and oral expression to make connections across the wider playing field of intellectual and creative thought in order to contribute to the ongoing discussions of human political, philosophical, scientific, social and artistic thought and action.

Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for ELA and is designed to develop literary analysis through the close reading of both fiction and nonfiction works from classical to modern times, critical thinking through making connections between texts and subject areas to construct meaning, and relaying meaning to the outside world through the effective use of language in written and oral expression.

Our English Language Arts instruction is characterized by students thinking creatively to answer challenging questions; growing as writers able to artistically use the mechanics of composition, diction, syntax and figurative language to express themselves and their ideas in explanatory, narrative, poetic, and persuasive pieces; articulating arguments using the schemes and tropes of modern rhetorical practice in speeches and recitations; and exploring possibilities.