Entrance Assessments

An admissions assessments for Pre-School and Kindergarten applicants, or entrance testing for students in Grades 1 to 10, will be scheduled as soon as possible after a completed application has been received.

Assessments are tailored to the age/grade of the applicant as follows:

  • Pre-School and Kindergarten:  Applicants will be assessed using the Early Screening Inventory (ESI) or comparable method.  The assessment consists of a play-based interview, at which time the applicant is assessed in the areas of fine motor skills, language use and development, social skills, ability to follow instructions, and general program readiness.
  • Applicants for Grades 1 to 10:  Students are initially screened with a computer-based MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment.  The MAP determines basic reading comprehension and math skills.  Those students who pass this initial screening will be scheduled to take a grade-appropriate, diagnostic test covering English speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as a math placement test.  The test may last from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the grade level.  
  • Applicants for Grades 11 and 12:  No entrance test is required for native English speakers.  Admissions decisions are made on the basis of the applicant’s official high school transcripts and letter of recommendation. However, Grade 11 applicants who are not native English speakers, or who have a wide range of scores on their transcripts, may also be required to take the entrance assessments.

All tested applicants will receive a summary of their test results.  Non-selected applicants may reapply only after one full academic year (two consecutive semesters) has passed.