Vision & Mission


Our Vision

To provide educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity.


Our Mission

To develop learners who can pursue personal and academic goals, based on educational excellence and strong moral foundations. To equip international students for lives of learning and positive contributions locally and globally.


Student Learner Outcomes

Courageous Learners who:

Embody a work ethic that values learning and academic integrity
Pursue personal growth as adaptive, independent learners
Exhibit thinking that is open minded, creative, and takes risks
Utilize resources and technology to effectively support learning and work

Responsible Global Citizens who:

Understand Christian virtues and positive student character 
Demonstrate integrity through consistent respect for people of all faiths
Develop cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity
Serve as responsible, proactive members of the global community

Religious Affiliation

CMIS is a school with a clear Christian ethos.  Founded as part of the Church of Christ in Thailand, the national Protestant church, the operation of the school and all relationships within the school community are based upon Christian principles and beliefs with religious services and public prayers offered in the Christian tradition.  Within this spirit, CMIS encourages students to learn about God’s love and the Christian faith so they can make their own personal and intelligent response to it.  CMIS also warmly welcomes students and staff from differing religious backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.