Community Service


Description of Community Service

"Community Service is making a difference through actions of caring for others, either in the school or in the community. It includes direct service, indirect service, and advocacy." Adapted from State of Maryland definition of Service-Learning

Community Service is a Chiang Mai International School graduation requirement and is defined as supervised volunteer work done for the benefit of someone other than an immediate family member. 

Students are responsible to complete and submit this Community Service Approval form online. After submitting the form, they will receive a response approving your service, or requesting additional information. After completion of the service, you will be asked to submit an online CMIS Community Service Verification form for final documentation. Students are advised to keep a copy of any paperwork related to their community service, including a signature form that will be available for download.

Following are some guidelines that will help define what Community Service is. This is not an exhaustive list, but only examples of what is meant by Direct, Indirect and Advocacy, and finally examples of what community service is not.

Direct Service 

Tutoring a MS student

Playing with a toddler at an orphanage or other like organization

Planting trees, environmental related activities

Painting/Repairing/Cleaning a school or building houses

Indirect Service 

Organizing a blood drive for Red Cross or other type organization

Raising money for scholarships for Thai children

Organizing the Christmas Giving activity

Fund raising for Operation Smile or other like organizations


Writing letters in support of underprivileged groups

Organizing a petition drive about a social issue

Putting up a display/publicizing to highlight the needs of underprivileged groups

What is NOT Community Service?

Activities for which you are paid or receive benefits

Any class that is taken for credit (including Student Assistant)

Any form of patriotic duty (e.g. ROTC)

Any form of family duty such as tutoring a relative or cleaning your room

Work experience other than in a social service setting

Participation in high school productions, athletic events, or HS activities that primarily benefit the HS student body.

To register your community service with the school you must do the following:
Before you start your community service project

  1. Complete the approval form for each activity.
  2. You will receive an email indicating approval of your community service plan.

After you are approved and complete your community service project:

  1. Complete the verification / reflection form at the end of each activity.
  2. Give the completed form to your activity sponsor for his/her signature.
  3. Recollect the form and turn it in at the CMIS Front Office